Local Search Engine Optimization

Navigating the competitive South Florida market requires more than just a website; you need a local SEO strategy that captures your neighborhood’s attention. That’s where Spilt Media excels. With a successful track record across various industries, we specialize in optimizing Google My Business (GMB) profiles to propel small to medium-sized businesses to the forefront of local searches. Being visible in your community is the first step in building a long-term customer base. Our Local SEO services are designed to make your business the talk of the town, right where it matters most.

Your Google My Business listing is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. A poorly optimized or incomplete listing can lead to missed opportunities and revenue. At Spilt Media, we are committed to making every first impression count. Our team of SEO experts is trained to manage and optimize your GMB profile, ensuring that it stands out and converts local searchers into loyal customers. Your business’s online authority starts with a strong local presence, and we’re here to build that for you.

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Your South Florida Business Deserves the Spotlight

The first step in our Local SEO service is a complete audit of your existing Google My Business profile. If you don’t have one, we’ll set it up for you. Our team ensures that all information, from business hours to services offered, is accurate and up-to-date. High-quality photos of your establishment, products, or services are added to give potential customers a visual treat. We continually monitor your listing for accuracy and relevance to ensure you stay ahead of your local competitors.

The second part of our monthly service involves optimizing your listing for maximum local reach. By utilizing keyword research and geo-tagging, we help Google understand precisely where you’re located and what services or products you offer. We analyze your competitors’ tactics and capitalize on local trends, boosting your listing’s visibility in local search results. This way, when someone nearby searches for a service you offer, you’re more likely to appear at the top of the list.

Beyond profile optimization, we engage your customer base through regular Google My Business posts. These posts serve as mini-ads or updates, letting you promote events, offers, and updates directly to your local audience. Our team crafts compelling copy and graphics aimed at encouraging community engagement and local visits. These timely updates keep your audience informed and inspire them to choose your business over others.

Lastly, reviews play a crucial role in Local SEO. We assist in managing and soliciting customer reviews to build your business’s online credibility. We respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to show that your business values customer feedback and is attentive to their needs. A well-managed review strategy boosts your listing’s visibility and turns customer trust into increased revenue.

Key Takeaways for Local SEO with Spilt Media

The Six Pillars of Our Local SEO Strategy

Profile Consistency

Your Google My Business listing should reflect your business accurately. We ensure all details are current and consistent across other online platforms, helping you build a reliable brand image.

Local Keywords

We perform keyword research tailored to your local market, applying those keywords skillfully across your GMB listing for maximum local visibility.


By tagging your business location accurately, we give search engines more context about your business, increasing the likelihood of appearing in local searches.

Engaging Posts

Our team crafts posts that aren't just fillers but valuable content aimed at engaging your local community, offering them something to look forward to from your business.

Customer Reviews

We don't underestimate the power of social proof. A well-maintained review strategy can be your golden ticket to standing out in a crowded local market.

Ongoing Monitoring

The digital landscape is ever-changing. We offer continuous monitoring and updates to your GMB profile, adapting strategies to maintain your local search prominence.